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storageHere at Unity Van Lines we know that everyone has different storage needs. Whether you want to store a couple of belongings or your entire household we have a customized storage system which is meant to accommodate any storage load, no matter how large or small.

We want your storage venture with us to be worry and stress free. We have a specialized storage system which can store all or any of your belongings – from priceless artwork to books, furniture, lawn furniture & equipment, tools, clothes and the like.

Our facilities are temperature-controlled, fireproof and secure. All of your items can be valued at an amount that you define. We can also handle your document storage needs with the same efficiency and security.

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Q: How quickly can my stuff be stored?
A: Immediately.

Q: Can I store anything?
A: No, Flammable liquids or combustible gases, perishable goods, illegal substances, or similar contraband are in no circumstances allowed in our storage.

Q: How secure is the storage unit?
A: Storage units should be safe because there is a person on the premises during operating hours and there is absolutely no access after hours. But since the storage company is not responsible for your belongings, it is a good idea to insure your unit at all times. Ask about our insurance options when you rent your unit.

Q: How long can I occupy my unit for?
A: You can stay as long as you want to. But, we have a payment policy that requires you to pay for a certain period of time.